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BioPosture Memory Foam Mattresses and Sleep Products
Great mattress for those with chronic pain!

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Do you have trouble sleeping? Does your mattress make you hot and uncomfortable? Do you suffer from chronic pain in your back, neck, or shoulder? Are you worried about the harmful metals and chemicals in most mattresses or the ozone-depleting gases they give off? If so, BioPosture mattresses, pillows, bed toppers, and kinetic sleep systems may be right for you.

How Naturopathic Medicine Works

About BioPosture

BioPosture™ builds transformational BioMemoryFoam Mattresses and Pillows available through the Healthcare community. Each BioPosture Mattress is designed to provide the optimal combination of superior comfort and orthopedic support.

  • Inspired by doctors, including leading Chiropractors to professional sports teams
  • 98%+ satisfaction rate, which is the highest in the mattress industry.
  • Built-in the USA at our state-of-the-art New England production facility.
  • Patented Celliant® design converts and recycles body heat to supercharge your sleep.
  • 90 Night In-Home Trial lets you try BioPosture for 90 nights RISK-FREE!

What To Expect In Your Naturopathic Medicine Treatment

America's Healthiest
Memory Foam Mattress

Sleep In Natural Balance

BioPosture's ergonomic mattress design offers three layers of comfort and support foams to ensure proper pressure relief and spinal alignment without being too firm or soft.

Rest, Regenerate, and Recover Faster

The Celliant Mineral Fabric covering converts and recycles body heat as infrared energy, which is clinically proven to promote better sleep and faster recovery and help you wake up with more energy.

Eco-Friendly & Latex Free

BioPosture mattresses are latex-free, CertiPUR-US Certified (no ozone depletors, harmful metals, or chemicals), and are available without flame retardants. BioMemoryFoam™ is made with eco-friendly plant oil substitutes.

Ready to sleep better and improve your health?

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