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We are the leading Wellness Centers in the Greater Madison, Wisconsin area offering Chiropractic Care, Naturopathic Medicine, and Laser Therapy, . We are here to deliver exceptional care to our patients. We believe in advancing the human experience by helping patients find pain relief, recover from injury or surgery faster, and better manage their medical conditions.

225K+ Happy Patients

We are the largest and most trusted chiropractic group in Madison, WI. Our doctors have various specialties and treat a full range of conditions. See what we can do for you.

Affordable Pricing

Advanced medical care does not have to be expensive. Most insurance's offer chiropractic benefits. Does your insurance offer chiropractic benefits? Check HERE.

Convienent Locations

We have wellness clinics throughout Greater Madison that offer early morning, evening, and weekend hours. More coming soon.

Personal Care

Every patient's situation is unique, so we create a custom treatment plan to address your specific needs, condition, and lifestyle.
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Comprehensive Wellness Services

We love helping patients stay active and healthy and have been doing so for over 69 years. Whether you are pregnant or nursing, an athlete, a young professional, an accident victim, or an employee, and want to stay active, we can help your body function optimally so you can feel and live better.

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Your situation is unique - where you hurt, your medical conditions, lifestyle, and goals such as playing with grandchildren without pain. Our custom care plans will help you feel and live better.

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