Other Therapies

Intersegmental Traction
Intersegmental traction is a way of producing motion into the spine to provide stretching and increasing mobility of the spinal joints.  The patient will lie face up on a table, which has a roller-type device beneath the surface.  These rollers will travel up and down your back, working the stretch your spinal joints.  It is used because the discs that make up your spine have a poor blood supply.  The circulation of blood supplies nutrients to the spinal joints.  Lack of movement along segments in your spine prevent this circulation and cause the disc to break down and degenerate.  Traction helps increase and restore necessary motion to the spine.  Most patients find this form of treatment very relaxing and feels that it helps to exercise the spine without any effort.

Exercise Therapy
Exercise therapy is a set of maneuvers designed to develop muscles that support the spine that have been injured or weakened.  It may consist of repetitive stretching exercises to help loosen tight muscles, strengthening exercises to work weak muscles, or some combination of both.  Bones in the spine are held together by muscles and ligaments and exercises help re-pattern and condition these connective tissues allowing for proper motion in the spine.  Results will take time, but exercise therapy is an inexpensive and effective way to stabilize your spine, speed your recovery and prevent a relapse.

Interferential therapy is a therapeutic treatment that helps to aid in the relief of pain and promote soft tissue healing.  Pads will be placed around the affected area and tiny amounts of electrical impulses are introduced.  When these impulses penetrate your skin into your soft tissue, it prompts the body to secrete natural healing chemicals to help relieve pain.  Many patients will describe the procedure as a very mild “pins and needles” sensation.

Chiropractic manipulation, or an “adjustment” as it is more commonly referred to is changes in the movement of your spine that your doctor will make using their hands.  Your doctor will use their hand to feel along each segment of your spine.  The principal treatment is joint adjustment to restore the structure to as near normal function as possible.  The patient will feel a quick thrust of the doctor’s hands.  There may be some audible “popping or clicking”.  This occurs when gas that builds up in the capsules is released by the adjustment.